Our commitment towards economically, environmentally and socially sustainable forest management.

Welcome to W T K Holdings Berhad

W T K Holdings Berhad ("WTK") Group ("the Group") is a diversified group with business interests in the timber, plantation, oil & gas and tape industry.

Timber Division. The Group's timber division comprises both upstream and downstream operations, all located in Sarawak. Its timber concessions are located mainly along Rejang River and Balleh River, a tributary of Rejang, in the central region of Sarawak. The upstream operation, which is involved in timber harvesting recorded logs production of approximately 594,000 cubic meters (m3) in 2016. The downstream timber operation is mainly in the production of plywood and the Group is one of Malaysia's leading exporters of plywood products in particular, floor-base plywood. The Group has three plywood mills, all located in Sarawak, with yearly production capacity of up to 324,000 m3.

Plantation Division. The Group's plantation division comprised of forest plantation and oil palm plantation, all located in Sarawak. For forest plantation, tree planting are being carried out at its plantations located at Oya-Kanowit-Katibas area in Sibu Division and Bukit Raya area in Kapit Division. As of early 2017, approximately 8,600 hectares, have been planted with prime tree species of Batai, Kelampayan, Acacia Mangium and Hybrid. For the oil palm plantation, the Group's oil palm estates are located in Limbang Division, Oya in Sibu Division, Kuala Baram & Lapok in Miri Division. Total maturing palms hectarage is approximately 6,100 hectares, and with fresh fruit bunches (FFB) production of approximately 55,500 metric tonnes (MT) in 2016.

Oil & Gas Division. The Group's business in the oil & gas industry, is involved in the provision of Offshore Support Vessels, and specifically the provision of Accommodation Workboats to support the commissioning and/or maintenance works of offshore structures of the national oil company and/or oil majors in Malaysia as well as in the region.

Tape Division. The Group's adhesive tapes business operates out of its manufacturing facility in Prai, Penang and a trading house in Singapore.