About Us

WTK's Commitment to Sustainable Forestry & Forest Management

Being one of the leading company in the Malaysian timber industry, WTK Group is committed to adopt and implement sound forest management practices to ensure forestry is economically, environmentally and socially sustainable.

With strict adherence to the prescriptions of forest management plan in every concession area, the Group abides by the rules and regulations pertaining to cutting cycles, yield, annual allowable coupes, cutting rules, logging blocks, inoperable forest, obligatory species, merchantable tree sizes, enumeration and log measurement.

As a standard practice to ensure sound and sustainable forest management, the group adheres to proper engineering specifications for the planning and construction of roads for its forest operations, strict compliance of a monthly production limit and in areas where required, carries out Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) studies to ensure its timber operations are conducted with minimal environmental impact.

WTK Group is proud to be the pioneer in using helicopter-harvesting in Sarawak since 1993. Helicopter harvesting is recognized as the most environmental-friendly method of timber harvesting where freshly-cut logs are lifted vertically from the forest to a landing zone, thereby eliminating the need for skid trails that would further damage the forest floor.

The Group is committed to continually find new ways to improve its forest management practices and to carry out its role to ensure the sustainability of the production of forest resources.