Our commitment towards economically, environmentally and socially sustainable forest management.

Welcome to W T K Holdings Berhad

W T K Holdings Berhad (WTK) is a diversified group with both upstream and downstream operations in the timber industry. Its primarily involved in the harvesting of timber and the manufacturing of plywood and sawntimber. All its natural forest concession, plywood mills and sawntimber mills are situated in Sarawak.

WTK has embarked into forest plantation in 2007 and shall be harvestable approximately seven to ten years from today. These plantations are also situated in Sarawak.

WTK has also recently diversified into the planting and management oil palm plantations in Sarawak.

WTK has a non-timber division which manufacture and trade in various foil and tapes products. These operations are in Prai and Taiping, West Malaysia.